Wedding Planning

  • wedding plan begins

    Monexier Photography provides you with an unparalleled service experience. From Selecting the Perfect Photographer and Videographer to creating your handcrafted album and custom video, your dedicated Monexier team will personally assist you with every step. You will enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that we stand behind our imagery and service with the Monexier Photography Quality Guarantee and excellent personal attention.

    Monexier Photography provides imagery and a complete experience.

  • reserve wedding photographer and videograoher

    When you register with Monexier, one of our experienced Consultants will be assigned to you. Your Consultant, familiar with the personalities and styles our award-winning staff, will make personal recommendations to help you find the perfect photographer and videographer. Knowledgeable of all Monexier services, your Consultant will work with you to create your perfect package. Through one-on-one consultation, your Monexier Consultant will become familiar with your style and will make sure that your final product matches your vision.


    Schedule a one-on-one consultation now.

  • pre-wedding photoshoot with bide and groom

    Shortly after you reserve Monexier, your videographer and photographer will reach out to you. Your photographer will call you to arrange your One Hour Engagement Session, where you will be able to discuss your photography vision, and perfect your posing style.

    While your videographer and photographer remain available to you, enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Monexier
    Consultant is coordinating every element of your Monexier services right up to, and after, your big day.

  • wedding day

    After your wedding day, your Monexier photographer will create your Finished Collection, a vibrant and expressive set of 200 to 300 images telling your wedding story. Your photographer will also select your Signature Collection – 20 to 30 premier images that express the beauty of your most special moments. This dynamic collection is then made into your on-line album and complimentary Signature Book. You will also receive your video in two parts: the 3 to 5 minute Cinematic Edit, and the custom edited full length Signature Edit.

    Your Monexier consultant will work with the Monexier Graphic Artists and editors to design, edit, and build the albums and videos to match your vision. The Monexier Quality Guarantee stands behind the entire process and each product we deliver.